Sperm Sorting Chip

FERTILE PLUS™ Microfluidic Sperm Sorting Chip

According to data published by the World Health Organization (WHO), as many as one in five healthy males aged 18 to 25 years old have abnormal sperm counts and only 5 to 15% of sperm are considered normal.

Utilizing currently available methods, the embryologist is challenged to select the “right” sperm for use in ART procedures. Our fertility devices eliminate the need for time-consuming sample preparation and sperm damaging centrifugation.

The result is a simple and fast method, enabling the embryologist to consistently select sperm with higher motility, better morphology, less damaging ROS generation and lower DNA fragmentation.

Advantages of Our Fertility Devices

– Chips sort to yield population of “right” sperm and…

– Require no sample preparation

– Standardize and simplify processing

– Require no sperm damaging centrifugation

– Sperm sorted in volumes required by ICSI, IUI and IVF

– Channel dimensions and incubation timing optimized for maximum sorting efficiency

– Select sperm with high motility, normal morphology, low ROS, low DNA fragmentation