Semen Analysis

Semen is the thick, white fluid released(plus other sugar and protein substances) during ejaculation that contains sperm.Semen analysis is the test which we measures the amount, healthy and viability of a man’s semen /sperm.

Therefore, the semen analysis measures three major factors of sperm health which are;

The number of sperm

The shape of the sperm

The movement of the sperm

However, in the report of semen analysis, you will see these important words;

  1. Volume – The quantity of the fluid released on an ejaculation.
  2. Concentration – The number of sperm per milliliter
  3. Sperm motility – The percentage of moving sperm
  4. Sperm morphology –The percentage of normal shape sperm. This is the important part to predict the capacity of sperm to fertilize with eggs.
  5. pH – The acidity of the seminal fluid
  6. WBC – The concentration of the white blood cell which may sign of infection