Our Philosophy

At FFPP we take care of our patients as if they were one of our own family

To date, FFPP’s team has confidentially achieved high success rates owing to our unique IVF philosophy that concentrates on three key points in the treatment process; the mum’s wellbeing, the technology used to assist mums deliver a strong and healthy baby and the medical science used to ensure every chance of success for women in various age spectrums.

We believe that investments into high quality IVF technology and dedication to non-stop research into the medical science behind IVF is our duty and responsibility in order to continuously discover new ground breaking IVF techniques. However, most importantly one of our most unique and important philosophies focuses on our research into the mum herself.

We have discovered that by creating a relaxing IVF treatment program for mums to embellish will reduce the negative stresses involved with pregnancy that are known to reduce the chances of successful IVF. As a result of our research, our philosophy includes placing heavy emphasis on our new mum’s physical and mental wellbeing is a key component to successful IVF.

By creating a team of medical, concierge and support personnel FFPP meets its objective to relieve the pressures found in alternative IVF treatment centres such as busy hospital environments. Instead, we have been able created an environment that emphasises our philosophy that fully understands the importance of the mum’s role in IVF in order to instil belief and confidence, which leads to promising IVF results.

Looking after your mental and physical health

We help you feel free of the worries involved with injections and embryo success

Gain expert advice and answers to all your dietary questions by using our clinic’s dedicated dietary and health experts

Go through the IVF process at a relaxing pace in a relaxing environment combined with activities to keep you always refreshed

Sit back and enjoy the journey into creating new life.

We Are Here Until Your Baby is Born

We do not believe in a onetime service that ends when you return home. Your pregnancy is a delicate time for both you and your new baby. As a result, our tender love, care and attention doesn’t just stop when you go home. We also make sure that once you are at home, you have an open line of communication to our clinic on a 24/7 basis for advice. Even if you are looking for a friendly chat with one of staff members, we are always available because we want to make you feel special even after you have returned home.

Our Philosophy is centred on Taking Care of Our IVF Patients

Aside from our research, doctors and technology to create IVF service, we also concentrate on two key factors that have been attributed solely to mums during the IVF process here in Cambodia.

1. Physical

Our physical care programs keep new mum’s maternal health at peak levels at all times in order to increase the success of IVF. Here are just a few things we do to ensure your physical health is kept to its peak.

Acupuncture twice a week to increase the blood flow rate to the ovaries

We provide a high protein diet
(Much of this is available in the clinic)

Potassium diet and vitamin supplement provided

Electrolyte drinks to reduce bloating when water retention is uncomfortable

We do all the hard work transferring you to and from your accommodation

Nanny Service available to take the strain off your body

2. Mental

Relaxation and worry free thoughts are extremely important to the success of your IVF treatment. We make sure that the metal pressures of life and IVF are totally lifted so you don’t have to worry about a thing because FFC have everything in hand.

Relaxing waiting facilities with magazines, DVD entertainment, and the chance to talk with other mum’s and couples going through the same procedure to help put your mind at ease.

In both our VIP and non-VIP areas we provide electrolyte drinks, Kiwi Fruit and Bananas and foods high in protein for dietary and physiological sides to pregnancy

Leisure programs available: mini tours, sightseeing, shopping excursions, trips to the local markets as well as a touch of culture in Thailand