IVF (In-vitro Fertilization) is the process where egg and sperm are fertilized outside the woman’s body. However, the conventional IVF treatment cannot solve the problem of male’s infertility as the sperm has to fertilize with egg without any assistance. However, we mostly use ICSI (Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection) mainly nowadays.

ICSI (Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection) is the process where the eggs are stimulated and collected from the ovaries. After that, sperm will be injected directly into the egg by the assistance of embryologist. The fertilization rate would be higher than conventional IVF.

How to start the treatment with us?

If you contact our clinic, the patient coordinator will ask for your medical history to keep as the record and also ask you to do the pre-screening test first. After our doctor look into your pre-screening report, he will plan the basis of the treatment according to your pre-screening result.

The next step, you must keep your coordinator posted on the first day of period to fix your timeline. The treatment timeline is very important document to provide the information of what patient need to do step by step and when.

Ovarian Stimulation

Ovarian stimulation is a very important part of this treatment. Normally, woman produces only 1 dominant egg to ovulate and fertilize with sperm for pregnancy. In IVF / ICSI treatment, multiple eggs need to be stimulated to increase the chance to have healthy embryo. So the hormonal injection for ovarian stimulation must be prescribed to stimulate the multiple eggs to develop to the appropriate size to pick them up. After egg pick-up, all egg will be fertilized with sperm in the laboratory.