Fertility Check-up

Before our IVF specialist plans your treatment, your body condition must be evaluated by our pre-screening program.

Pre-screening program

Female Blood Test
Hematology Infectious Reproductive Hormone Thyroid Hormone
CBC Anti-HIV Estradiol (E2) T3 (Triiothyronine)
ABO Blood Group Anti-HCV Follicle Stimulating Hormone (FSH) Free T3
Rh Blood Group HBsAg Progesterone (P4) T4 (Thyroxine Free)
Syphilis Screening Luteinizing Hormone (LH) TSH
HBsAb Prolactin (PRL)
RebellaIgG Anti-Mullerian Hormone (AMH)
Testrosterone (T)

Vaginal ultrasound to count follicle number and also check both ovaries include womb are normal or needed extra ultrasound for more investigation. Please provide ultrasound picture and official report.

Male Blood Test
Hematology Infectious Thyroid Hormone
CBC Anti-HIV T3 (Triiothyronine)
ABO Blood Group Anti-HCV Free T3
Rh Blood Group HBsAg T4 (Thyroxine Free)
Syphilis Screening TSH

Semen Analysis Report 

Semen Analysis
Volume Motility Progressive Motile
Count Morphology Form Non Progressive Motile
Abnormal NP
WBC Immotile PR