Embryo Transfer


Embryo Transfer is the final step in the process of an IVF treatment cycle in which the embryo(s) are transferred into the uterus of the female patient with the intent to form a pregnancy.

Embryos can be transferred “fresh” from the IVF stimulation cycle or “frozen” where the embryos have undergone embryo cryopreservation and are thawed just prior to the transfer.

Our doctor recommends FROZEN embryo transfer because on the stimulation process, the hormones from injection for ovarian stimulation make your womb condition inappropriate for embryo implantation. So the success rate of FROZEN embryo transfer is higher as your womb can rest and create the healthier endometrium lining.

Also cases of “hyperstimulation” the female’s hormone levels may rise above expected. These patients cannot undergo fresh embryo transfer as any resulting pregnancy may be harmful to the female.

After getting period, Medicines will be taken for thickening your endometrium lining (make your womb lining thicker and ready for embryo implantation and pregnancy). When your lining is thick enough, you fly to Cambodia for FROZEN embryo transfer.

10 days after FRESH or FROZEN embryo transfer, pregnancy test can be done by blood test for Beta-HCG.