Egg Freezing

Nowadays Women who want to plan having child or preserve her fertility can now plan in advance. With egg freezing technology those that choose to have a baby in their 40s and even 50s still have a high chance of success because the uterus does not age in the same way as the ovary and oocytes.

Women with cancer also can choose egg freezing as the future may be uncertain and also in cases where there is a risk that the cycle of egg production may be damaged through treatments such as radiation.

There are already numerous cases of famous movie stars freezing their eggs so they can continue with their acting career.

The process of egg freezing is the same as IVF / ICSI in the part of ovarian stimulation. After that, Instead of fertilization, we will preserve all the egg by cryopreservation method. When you are ready to get pregnant, all eggs will be thawed and fertilized with sperm, become embryo and transfer into the womb.